Name Rivetta Gounte Helmate Dovork
Kanji リベッタ・グンテ・ヘルメート・ドヴォーク
Epithet Princess
Affiliation Dovork Kingdom
Genber Empire
First Appearance Chapter 2

Rivetta Gounte Helmate Dovork (リベッタ・グンテ・ヘルメート・ドヴォーク) is a fictional character in the manga series of Jumbor Barutronica. She is the princess of the former Dovork Kingdom.


She has pretty well-endowed body for a young adult women. She also has long blonde hair.


As a child she was rather shy, though she easily warmed up to Baru Crow. As an adult, despite the destruction of the world around her, she appears mostly calm and rarely panics. She have a habbit of explaining everything about Heavy Machinery into the smallest detail to the point where she forgets everything around her. She dislikes being called princess by her former aids and constantly reminds them to call her professor instead.


Rivetta is a brilliant scientist with an incredible knowledge of Heavy Machinery and even Jumbors.




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